For Child Soldiers, Every Day Is A Living Nightmare

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My OP/ED in the Forbes on child soldiers. I sincerely hope 2013 proves auspicious and a harbinger of hope. This terrible tragedy of child soldiers and children exposed to the savagery of armed conflicts is stopped forever. We must see collective and concerted actions to bring this tragic chapter of human history to a close.


Huffington Post: Promoting Women’s Economic Participation in India

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Huffington Post: Promoting Women’s Economic Participation in India

India is generally at or near the bottom of the heap of women’s misery. A UN index in 2011 amalgamated details on female education and employment, women in politics, sexual and maternal health and more. It ranked India 134th out of 187 countries, worse than Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Iran.

In this article Cherie Blair and I make the case that financial independence, especially for urban poor and rural women, is the best way to ensure their empowerment. This can only come through jobs.

Women are half India’s demographic dividend; if they are given the right tools and community support, they can not only become financially independent, but could also become the engines that fuel India’s future growth

How to improve India’s police – a roadmap

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How to improve India’s police – a roadmap

Indian Bollywood movies have for years perpetuated two stereotypes about law-enforcement in the country. They are either bumbling fools, always arriving well after matters have been sorted and justice has been served. Or they are corrupt; venal men out to exploit the system to satisfy their greed. In truth, while neither stereotype is fully representative of law enforcement personnel in the country, they are not entirely wrong either.

The recent spate of rapes, unbridled violence, police brutality, a distressing absence of respect for women’s rights and a general breakdown of law and order in many parts of India is a matter of grave concern.

The Hindu: “Are women not part of our being”

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Here is a link to my OP/ED.

My opinion piece in The Hindu, on the scourge of sexual and gender violence in India, which is deeply troubling. Without collective resolve, education, awareness raising and affirmative action this problem will continue to cause misery to many women and children .


Siddharth Chatterjee Perspectives-About my work in the Red Cross, the UN and the Army.

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A very special moment for me: Demobilized child soldiers returning home in South Sudan, 2001

This is a collection of my articles and opinion pieces. The topics span sexual & gender based violence, child soldiers, food security, public health, eradication of polio & protection of the vulnerable. Having witnessed compelling human tragedies and triumphs, my perspectives have been shaped by my diverse experiences in the Army, the UN, the Red Cross as well as a dad. I genuinely believe that we can together advance peace, humanity and give our children a future full of hope.

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